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Structural Data: Overview of materials

Here is a list of the materials classified by the ten groups of building materials:

Material group

Building materials

Plaster, screed and other mortar layers

lime mortar, gypsum mortar, lime-gypsum mortar, lime-cement mortar, cement mortar, thin-bed mortar, plaster, thermal insulating plaster, anhydrite screed, cement screed, asphalt screed 


concrete C 8/10, concrete C 12/15 – C 16/20, concrete C 20/25 – C 25/30, lightweight concrete, aerated concrete, cement-bonded wood fibre


clinker bricks, solid bricks, vertical coring bricks, lightweight vertical coring bricks, sand-lime brick, aerated concrete breezeblocks, concrete hollow blocks, slag bricks, quarry stone

Construction panels

Transite panels, aerated concrete panels, lightweight concrete wall panels, plasterboard wall panels, fibre-cement panels (flat or corrugated) 

Wood and engineered woods

timber planks, squared timber, laminated wood, plywood, chipboard, hardboard, non-rigidboard

Heat-insulating materials

lightweight wood-wool panels, cork panels, polystyrene rigid foam (expanded-EPS, extruded-XPS), polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam, phenolic resin (PR) rigid foam, mineral wool (stone wool, glass wool), glass foam, cellulose, blast furnace slag, expanded clay

Roofing materials

wood shingles, straw/reeds, slate, asbestos cement plates, sheet metal plates, standard tiles, beavertail tiles, concrete roofing tiles

Sheeting and waterproofing materials

bitumen roof sheeting, plastic roof sheeting, PVC sheeting, PE sheeting, aluminium sheeting

Other standard materials and bulk fill

sand, gravel, grit, clay, cinders, granite, basalt, marble, sandstone, coquina, ceramics, glass mosaic, tiles, glass, wired glass, cardboard, paper, glues, resins 


steel, copper, zinc, aluminium, lead, cast iron