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One- and two-family house from 1991 to 2010

The one- and two-family house from 1991 to 2010 is a detached, semi-detached or terraced house with one or two floors (buildings with only one floor generally with a converted attic), usually constructed in masonry (brick, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick) and partly in wood (wooden frame). 

The composition of this synthetic building can be seen here.

Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area   201 m²
Main usable area 121 m²
Residual usable area 80 m²
Service area 0 m²
Circulation area 14 m²
Net floor area 217 m²
Construction area 42 m²
Gross floor area 257 m²
Gross volume685 m³

Areas of building components

Foundation   91 m²
Exterior walls283 m²
Interior walls 160 m²
Ceilings177 m²
Roof108 m²
Other43 m²


Building materials classified into groups

Concrete139 t
Bricks35 t
Asbestos0 t
Other minerals110 t
Wood, engineered woods8 t
Other renewables1 t
Plastics1 t
Bituminous minerals0 t
Ferrous minerals13 t
Non-ferrous minerals0 t
Total308 t