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One- and two-family house up to 1960

Up to the year 1960, the one and two-family house is a detached, semi-detached or terraced house with one or two storeys (buildings with only one storey generally with a converted attic), usually constructed in plastered masonry (undressed stone, brick, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick), sometimes with thermal insulation.

The composition of this synthetic building is available here.

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Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area208 m²
Main usable area125 m²
Residual usable area83 m²
Service area0 m²
Circulation area 11 m²
Net floor area219 m²
Construction area48 m²
Gross floor area267 m²
Gross volume695 m³

Areas of building components

Foundation95 m²
Exterior walls260 m²
Interior walls140 m²
Ceilings169 m²
Roof135 m²
Other36 m²


Building materials classified into groups

Concrete93 t
Bricks39 t
Asbestos0 t
Other minerals149 t
Wood, engineered woods11 t
Other renewables0 t
Plastics0 t
Bituminous minerals0 t
Ferrous metals9 t
Non-ferrous metals0 t
Total302 t