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Car showrooms

… are buildings for the sale (and purchase) of passenger vehicles. Rooms for repair work (workshops) are normally integrated. The buildings are generally composed of a large and well-appointed foyer and sales hall in which diverse car models can be presented. The hall-like foyer and sales area is generally combined with multi-storey partitioned spaces and annexes to provide office space, workshops, social rooms and sanitary facilities.   

Car showrooms are normally designed as steel or reinforced concrete skeleton frames combined with insulating metal facades or sandwich thermo-elements. The large and well-appointed foyer and sales rooms generally feature glazed metal post-and-rail constructions.

The composition of this synthetic building can be seen here.

Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area 1,963 m²
Service area 42 m²
Circulation area 144 m²
Net floor area 2,140 m²
Construction area 155 m²
Gross floor area 2,295 m²
Gross volume 9,609 m²

Areas of building components

Foundation 1,468 m²
Exterior wall 1,324 m²
Interior wall 857 m²
Ceiling 1,516 m²
Roof 1,222 m²


Building materials classified into groups

Concrete 1,900.3 t
Bricks 49.1 t
Asbestos 0.0 t
Other minerals 1,697.3 t
Wood, engineered woods 4.7 t
Other renewables 0.0 t
Plastics 11.6 t
Bituminous minerals 1.0 t
Ferrous metals 317.2 t
Non-ferrous metals 16.1 t
Total 3,997.2 t

Building materials according to building elements

Foundation 2,348.7 t
Exterior walls 110.7 t
Interior walls 128.5 t
Ceilings 1,119.6 t
Roof 289.7 t
Other 3,997.2 t