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(Multi-storey) car parks

… are buildings which provide space for vehicle parking. The buildings are general multi-storey structures. Alongside a ground level, they can have diverse combinations of basement levels and upper levels. Multi-storey car parks normally do not have a roof; instead, the top level is both roof and park deck.

Multi-storey car parks are generally constructed as steel or reinforced concrete load-bearing frames with reinforced concrete ceilings. In comparison to other non-domestic buildings they have low floor-to-ceiling heights. They are not thermally-insulated (Gruhler, Deilmann 2015).

The composition of this synthetic building can be seen here.

Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area  3,055 m²
Service area 171 m²
Circulation area 2,000 m²
Net floor area 5,141 m²
Construction area 621 m²
Gross floor area 5,762 m²
Gross volume 14,644 m³

Areas of building components

Foundation 1,497 m²
Exterior walls 3,440 m²
Interior walls 794 m²
Ceilings 4,516 m²
Roof 1,396 m²


Building materials classified into groups

Concrete 7,422.2 t
Bricks 36.0 t
Asbestos 0.0 t
Other minerals 2,234.8 t
Wopd. emgomeered wppds 0.0 t
Other renewables 0.0 t
Plastics 2.6 t
Bituminous minerals 7.4 t
Ferrous metals 755.4 t
Non-ferrous metals 1.0 t
Total 10,459.2 t

Building materials according to building components

Foundation 2,652.0 t
Exterior walls 2,385.6 t
Interior walls 381.5 t
Ceilings 3,955.5 t
Roof 1,084.6 t
Total 10,459.2 t