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Multi-family house from 1919 to 1948

The multi-family house from 1919 to 1948 is a building constructed from brick (plastered). It generally has three to four storeys and is arranged in blocks and terraces.

The synthetic building of Multi-family home 1919-1948 can be seen here.

Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area 669 m²
Main usable area 433 m²
Residual usable area 236 m²
Service area 0 m²
Circulation area 64 m²
Net floor area 733 m²
Construction area 175 m²
Gross floor area 908 m²
Gross volume 2,408 m³

Areas of building components

Foundation 177 m²
Exterior walls 755 m²
Interior walls 706 m²
Ceilings 641 m²
Roof 202 m²
Other 274 m²

Building materials classified into groups

Concrete 168.8 t
Bricks 523.9 t
Asbestos 0.0 t
Other minerals 427.8 t
Wood, engineered woods 13.0 t
Other renewables 0.0 t
Plastics 0.1 t
Bituminous minerals 1.5 t
Ferrous metals 29.0 t
Non-ferrous metals  0.0 t
Total 1,164.1 t