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Production halls

… are buildings with a hall in which industrial as well as commercial production and manufacturing processes take place. In general, these are not “pure” halls but rather are halls coupled with offices, administrative and social areas as well as exhibition and sales areas, constructed with interior multi-storey partitioned areas or exterior annexes. 

The halls generally have steel or reinforced concrete load-bearing structures with interior support columns as well as single-wall or rear-ventilated facades. These single or multi-storey hall partitions or annexes show a multiplicity of designs (Gruhler, Deilmann 2015).

The composition of the synthetic building production halls can be seen here.

  • 3 Lagerhallen nebeneinander

    NWG-Industrie und Gewerbe 1

  • 3 Lagerhallen nebeneinander

    NWG-Industrie und Gewerbe 2

Areas and volumes

Areas and volumes according to DIN 277

Usable area 2,535 m²
Service area 132 m²
Circulation area 247 m²
Net floor area 3,233 m²
Construction area 194 m²
Gross floor area 3,427 m²
Gross volume 22,298 m³

Areas of building components

Foundation 2,477 m²
Exterior walls 1,764 m²
Interior walls 1,358 m²
Ceilings 948 m²
Roof 2,579 m²


Building materials according to building material groups

Concrete 3,216.5 t
Bricks 95.6 t
Asbestos 0.0 t
Other minerals 3,454.2 t
Wood, engineered woods 21.3 t
Other renewables 0.0 t
Plastics 17.7 t
Bituminous minerals 5.6 t
Ferrous metals 448.1 t
Non-ferrous metals 22.6 t
Total 7,281.7 t

Building materials according to building elements

Foundation 5,035.3 t
Exterior walls 397.6 t
Interior walls 287.6 t
Ceilings 748.9 t
Roof 812.2 t
Total 7,281.7 t